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Welcome to "CLX-Layovers"

This web site is intended to be a tool to share informations about things to do, restaurants, bars and so on, in our different destinations.

The idea is not to copy/paste already existing guides but to put relevant info's you actually experienced and you think your colleagues would like.

It will only take you a few seconds to share it! ( Please read this for some tips on how to add an info !)

If you rate or comment an info, keep in mind that not everybody has the same tastes or interests...

It can only work if everybody actively shares info's.

Although the site should work on any browser, it is optimized for use with an Ipad, in any case JavaScript needs to be activated.
(Allowing cookies will make it more user friendly: there are only cookies from within the website to remember preferences and or login info no Google or any third party bullshit)

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