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when adding an info, first make sure you select the correct destination from the dropdown list.
Then choose at least one type of info (multiple choice are also possible)
Fill out the "mandatory" Title field (usually the name of the place but anything you find appropriate xill do!)
All the other fields are optional although at least a description seems to make sense.
At this stage you can also add one picture and its optional comment
If you want to add more picture, you will need to do it one at the time after the info is published.
You can add one pointer on a google map by simply clicking on the map, if you need to correct it, just re-click somewhere else.
click send and off you go!

Note you will only be able to edit the infos you published

You can add comment, picture or a rating any info

If you want to refer to the hotel:

Make sure you refer to the hotel name and not "the hotel" in your texts as if the hotel changes in the meantime, it might not make sense anymore...

If you want to refer to another info:

An "infoid" can be found above the ratings of each info, you can type it (or even better, copy/paste it). This "infoid" will appear as a link to that info showing its title.

That is "infoid5" will appear as The museum of fine arts

If you want to add a link in the text

Please, note that the field "Link" is meant to be filled (optionally) with a link to the website of the info, for example the website of a restaurant. Simply copy/paste the link into the field "link".

Now, to put another link in the description text and make it look better try this: (text)(textlink)(link) :

Type (text) the text that will appear as the link (textlink) the link (link)

So "(text)Nice aircraft !(textlink)https://www.planespotters.net/photo/241569/lx-vcb-cargolux-airlines-international-boeing-747-8r7f(link)"

Will appear as Nice aircraft !